Importance of Building Rapport with Students

Teachers play an essential and effective role in a child’s life, from starting only when a child starts going to school. The teacher holds high regard in children’s life. A teacher helps in building the intellectual ability of a child and develops an overall personality. Only teachers know the importance of rapport building with schools in educational institutions. This allows children to achieve academic excellence, and their individual growth is there.

The teacher can be successful when he/she instils in his children learning ability and has positive and strong relationships with its students. A robust and positive relation leads to active learning and imparting quality, valuable and meaningful education. 

Need of Building Rapport with Students

The rapport building between a teacher and student helps to achieve a high level of academic success. Teachers also encourage students to participate in a cooperative manner in all aspects of learning. There is an increase in in-class engagement. The teacher helps to instil the quality of confidence in students and succeed in an environment where they are restricted to grow due to fear of failure. 

There is a great saying:

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara, Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah.”

Guru is one who takes his disciples from ignorance to enlightenment. The word Guru and Teacher can be used interchangeably. A teacher not only teaches his students but also guides and counsels him, if required.

The teacher is able to help students by motivating, setting goals and guiding, giving advice to them. Teachers create a positive relationship with their students and provide them with a suitable environment for learning and fulfil student’s emotional, developmental and academic needs.

Teachers help students to improve their thinking and learning skills. They work towards the betterment of every student. The quality and nature of the relation of a teacher with the student have an enormous impact on the physical, mental, social, behavioural and academic development and growth of its students. Students should tell the teacher about their strengths, weaknesses, achievements, interests to help them guide, recommend the right activities suitable for their students.

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Impact of Rapport Building Between Teacher and Student

  1. Improves Academic Performance- A strong, positive rapport building between teacher and student. Quality of respect, care, and trust between a teacher and student. This helps to create an environment which enables and supports students to achieve best.
  2. Prevents Behavioral and Mental Problems- With the support and care, students who suffer from mental and behavioral problems can be dealt in an easy manner. A harmonious environment in the classroom helps in the better and effective development of student’s talents, skills and helps to reduce their anxiety level.
  3. Helps in Growth Inside and Outside the Classroom- A healthy and positive relationship between teacher and student enables students to take the challenges of academics in a confident manner. When a classroom becomes a supportive place for students, it allows them to grow academically and socially in a productive way. 
  4. Providing Positive, Suitable Environment– A strong rapport building between teacher and student grows when a positive, suitable, inspiring environment is offered to students for learning in an effective and efficient way. By this, students are enabled to achieve excellence in academics.
  5. Encouragement and Inspiration- When a teacher and student bond is influential, the teacher encourages, motivates, inspires its students in every way possible. Teachers encourage them to actively participate in every activity to improve their skills and grow in every field.
  6. Guiding Force- Teachers act as a guiding force for students. They guide them in every problem they face and help them move in the right direction in life.

How Rapport Building is Developed Between Teacher and Student?

  • By creating an effective, suitable learning environment
  • A teacher who shares consistency in communication with its students
  • Respect towards their teacher
  • A teacher who treats every student equal encourages every student to do their best in every field
  • A positive attitude towards its students
  • Guiding them in the right direction and solving their problem in every possible way
  • Adopting innovative and effective teaching methods for students to make them understand the concepts in an easy and efficient manner.
  • To focus on students on individual terms and understanding their problems related to studies.

Well-trained and qualified teachers have a positive effect on student’s development and growth in every field. They help students to empower themselves and face the challenges of life courageously. To trigger the desire for lifelong learning and achieving excellence in academics. Imparting the right and quality education among students. Students look upon their teachers as their guide, mentor and well-wisher. Teachers train their students to help them become successful individuals by creating their own identity in life and making their teacher proud.

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