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How To Overcome Maths Phobia

Mathematics is an old discipline that involves estimation, statistics, probability, calculus, etc. In contemporary schools, math is hype more than a subject. Math is a very popular subject of dislike among students, whereas some are exceptionally good at it

Some students had Math phobia; they fear Mathematics. So here are some pointers and techniques as to how to improve your math skill set.

Ways To Improve Grades In Mathematics

To begin with, the most prominent focal point is a student’s mindset regarding the subject. The pre-conceived notion among the students that the “subject is difficult” is what pulls them back from excelling. Due to this, students do not have an open mind during the lectures, which makes them passive listeners and thus, the most significant barrier to good grades. First and foremost, whenever you sit to study, have a light mood with a positive approach- it helps.

Several instances are available where students have Math dyslexia, a disorder in which they face difficulty in understanding and learning numbers and solving a mathematical problems. And the same problem was depicted in the Bollywood film “Taare Zameen Par”. Mugging up math is a myth. The biggest misconception pertaining to mathematics is by heart. No one can go about solving math by making a problem-to-answer map. Math is based on logical reasoning, which is a skill that you cannot acquire by byhearting. Instead, you can figure out your own way of remembering the logic.

It’s entirely your take on making math fun and exciting. Make a conscious effort to get yourself engrossed and occupied with math. Put in all your time and energy to get success. Give it a 100% try. There are many ways of doing that since education has made a lot of progress. It’s not the conventional way anymore. There is much online assistance available for free that makes learning fun.

Never get hit by failure. “Failure is a stepping stone to success”. The majority of the crowd has a negative opinion about math due to low marks. If you get low marks now does not mean you won’t score in the future. Keep doing your best, and don’t give up. This too helps a lot. If failure hits, you hit it back harder. Keep trying and doing math.

Importance Of Regular Practice Of Questions

“Practice makes men and women perfect”. This is one of the secret ingredients you can add to your victory soup. Mastering skills does not happen overnight. It requires time, patience, and consistency. Keep solving a variety of problems related to a topic. If possible, jot down a list of probable questions that can appear and have appeared in the exam. The best way to do this is to solve the previous year’s question papers. The key takeaway here is practice. The more you practice, the better understanding you have of the topic. Keep revising every day that you learn the previous day. You will be equipped with deeper insights into the topic.

Math is a subject that needs engagement. As you keep solving and start arriving at the right answers, you feel a bit more tempted to solve. This keeps you motivated and boosts your confidence. Try doing your lessons in a quiet place. Avoid all distractions and disturbances. Do your math with full concentration. Try doing some yoga or meditation to help boost your concentration power.

Tips & Tricks For Solving Maths Paper In Exams

Avoiding the mess on paper is most important. Try to solve your problem line by line with minimum cancellations. Have a vertical approach. Never use horizontal space more. For rough calculations make a separate column and label it. Try using a pencil for rough calculations. Also, try mastering some mental math calculations. This really saves time. Whenever you get your sum right, try reaching out to others. Try helping your friend. Explain to them the solution to embed it even stronger in your mind.

Morning time is the best time to do your math. Again, it is a personal choice to make, but the most suitable time is the morning. At later night when you are running out of patience and energy sitting with your math books will make you hate the subject even more. Get up a bit early in the morning when your mind is fresh and ready to absorb. So, regular practice is the only remedy for maths phobia.

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