Occupational Therapy for Kids- Importance and advantages

Occupational Therapy for Children 

The early years of a Children’s life are crucial because the child’s cognitive, social, and physical development occurs. The first three years are particularly extremely critical because the mind evolves during this period. But not every child successfully passes through these developmental landmarks. There are some of those who do not mature as they should and have restricted or delayed progression or improvement. Suppose a young child faces these problems and needs support to develop optimally. In that case, occupational therapy may be of immense help. 

Few understand the Fact that the therapy is not just for adults, but children too. With occupational therapy support, children can have enhanced development, enhanced cognitive and communication skills, and minimized developmental delay. The therapy is carried out according to your child’s disability or condition. The practitioners assess the child and then put a therapy procedure to improve the processing and empower learning. 

Several Procedures are used, and a great deal of significance is associated with the therapy. Let us talk in detail about when one kid needs occupational therapy, the benefits of the treatment, and a few actions to help the child lead an everyday life.

Advantages Of Occupational Therapy for Children

Kids’ occupational treatment has many benefits. The therapy is utilized for a wide assortment of diseases and ailments. It prepares the children to lead a healthy and everyday life. A few of the advantages are as follows. 

General Activities  

The list begins with Providing aid to the young ones confronting issues in daily tasks like brushing, dressing, toileting, writing, drawing, etc. The therapy helps create these self-help abilities in the youngsters. 

Sensory Processing Problems:  

These children may experience over-sensitivity, under-sensitivity, or even both at various areas like school, home, or anywhere. They also try to prevent recess and actions going on around the children. 

Occupational therapy Can help those children regain the skills and adequately address the issue.   

Kids with Cerebral Palsy: 

Occupational therapy can also be helpful for the ones suffering from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and other ailments in which the kid needs a wheelchair. The OT practitioner teaches the child to use the wheelchair properly, come to your dinner, make for the class in time, get out things from their locker, and more. 

Children with ASD:   

Autism and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) are slightly related but are not the same. Kids with SPD might not have schizophrenia, but the reverse may be true. The kid afflicted by SPD has difficulty communicating with other people, limited play skills, less interest in activities, etc… The occupational therapy practitioner can help get these abilities by observing the child’s behavior and creating a plan. The OT uses different methods and techniques, and there is no such single ideal application. These might consist of actions to help with puzzles, interaction to develop coordination and consciousness, and more.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills 

Gross motor skill Involves the motion of muscles in arms, arms, etc… In contrast, fine muscle skills involve the use of small muscles in the forearm and fingers. Children having trouble with these abilities may have trouble in walking, bicycling, and others. Occupational therapy may be used to take care of the condition and eventually eradicate it.

Occupational Therapy Activities for Kids 

You will find various exercises which can be ordered for children with various diseases based on the condition. The treatment can be conducted in several places like hospitals, houses, schools and clinics, specialized centers, etc… It is designed differently for children of various age categories.  

For Toddlers and Babies: 

The babies face trouble sleeping at night. The joint exercises included bath time actions, gentle massage, sand, water therapy, feeding treatment, and measures using specialized toys to cope with light and sound, olfactory input activities, etc. 

Sensory Integration Activities

These activities help children respond more actively and accurately to their surroundings. The activities are designed in a way to create a deep pressure on the kid. These activities may be active or passive. You can build soft corners in the room using soft furnishings, which offer a tremendous deep strain using a calming impact. 

Another thing you can do is allow him to lie back on a mat or bed and cover him with blankets and cushions to produce pressure.

Coordination Tasks 

These are produced for the child’s legs and arms so they can work effectively. These are divided into two broad categories: bilateral and hand-eye manipulation abilities. For hand-eye coordination, then ask your child to hit a ball with a bat, catch a ball. Bilateral activities offer the ability to use both sides of your system accurately. You can ask your child to roll out pastry sheets from play dough, ask them to pull a rope hand-over-hand, etc.

Visual Perception Tasks 

These actions Assist the child know that the information sends my eyes to the brain for form constancy and help them comprehend shapes placed objects on a tray and ask your child to recognize them. You can also use any item at home for this activity. Use books to teach them different fonts and identical alphabets of size to enhance their abilities. You can also use jigsaw puzzles to help development procedure.

Activities for Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor skills Are required for those with trouble using a hand, fingers, and forearm properly. The fundamental treatment consists of simple exercises of the wrist, arms, fingers, etc., to perform regular work like holding a pencil with ease. Give them security scissors and ask them to cut out shapes on the paper. 

For gross motor skills, help your child with core and shoulder tasks.

Miscellaneous Activity

Other Pursuits Involved in occupational therapy with children that may keep them involved and Playdough puzzle, crush the dough or cut shapes out of it, place a coin at a Container, etc. 

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