using VPS server for your business

Using a VPS server for your business: All that you should know

As the whole business world goes online now, it is very important to have an active and fast web server. A slow server can actually draw away your clients and lead to a loss of revenue.

Therefore, to have a successful business, most individuals and companies are turning to Virtual Private Servers or VPS for all their hosting needs.  

The practice of VPS hosting has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, as all businesses went online. According to a research paper published in Industry Research, cloud-based and on-premise, both types of VPS have now completely taken over the industry.

With the ongoing trends, even cPanel, the most common control panel used by Shared Hosting providers, decided to increase its licensing cost. 

But VPS hosting should be affordable for the mass, and so, several virtual private server hosts like IONOS offer affordable services for your business.

Are you confused about whether you need Virtual Private Servers or not? Let’s find out!

When To Use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) For Business?

As for conducting online business, most companies prefer shared hosting in which many websites are on the same server, reducing the overall cost. But, when your website starts growing in popularity, shared hosting may create performance issues.

That’s when you need to move on to Virtual Private Servers. In comparison to shared hosting, you will now get:

  • Highly compartmentalized physical server with no overlapping server
  • No need to share your resources and face traffic
  • More options to upgrade depending on your website’s performance
  • Complete control over your server

If the above-mentioned facilities are your priority, then you should definitely opt for a VPS. As a thumb rule, you can check if you

  • Are receiving 100 to 200 visits per day to your website
  • Are seeing a sustained increase in the bounce rate
  • Find your website loading time constantly increasing

These are the ultimate indicators that you are ready to get started with Virtual Private Servers. To make this shift easier for you, here are three quick steps that we recommend.

  • Choose a good VPS for your needs, such as IONOS by 1&1 which can serve its purpose at really competitive charges.
  • Pick out the plan that works best for your website.
  • Learn different ways to effectively manage your VPS or hire a professional to take care of the operations. 

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Why Use Virtual Private Servers (VPS) For business?

Now that you understand VPS and are ready to begin with it, here are the benefits of using VPS to make sure that you avail all of these. 

  • Cost Savings

One of the most important reasons why people come for VPS is the cost-effectiveness that it offers. You can avail of all kinds of setups with high memory potential and high-end CPU configurations.

While the cost of purchasing or leasing a similar server can be huge, cloud providers readily offer it without the surge in expense.

There are no maintenance charges or the need to pay employees and contractors to build, manage and maintain the operations.

  • Better Performance

Unlike a shared hosting arrangement where at least a dozen other users share the same server, VPS hosting gives you and your enterprise independent access.

It is better because a shared plan can impact each other and hinder functionality. For example, if one of the websites has higher traffic, it will slow down all the other sites on the server.

In VPS hosting, you will never be impacted by any other site, and have improved individual performance.

  • Enhanced Reliability

With VPS hosting, it is mostly about cloud dependency and it is designed to be resistant to certain infrastructure problems.

Several VPS hosting servers also offer a 100% uptime guarantee, making the system even more reliable. Data backup and retention are commendable in this arrangement and the disaster recovery services also enhance the potential of your business as always-on.

  • More Control

When you use VPS hosting you get complete access to your root environment. In other cases, without root access, you will have to rely on any software package that your hosting provider offers.

This can be a major security concern for businesses. But, by using VPS, you can exercise complete control and freely implement all the required software changes in the server. 

  • Simple Licensing

While this feature is often overlooked, one must appreciate the simple process of licensing in VPS hosting.

The process of licensing can be very tiresome, especially if you are working with multiple systems in a medium to a large corporation.

But in VPS hosting, licensing is fairly simple, and even the associated prices are transparently added to the monthly charges. 

  • Security

Digital security is inarguably one of the most important concerns in the online business world. We all look forward to having a robust and secure infrastructure, where cloud servers can be very good.

VPS servers are inherently designed to be secure, along with constant security upgrades and improvements. They use industry-best systems to patch the applications and update security services to the latest levels.

  • Scalability

Every business intends to expand its customer base. Your growth can be drastic or moderate, but whatever it be, VPS hosting can keep growing with you.

Your servers can scale up, down, in, and out depending on the need. The expansion can require an increase in the resources – more CPU, more memory, and more disk space. You can even add these features to your existing system by upgrading your plan.

VPS can also scale out, creating multiple virtual private servers in a clustered resource, to handle extra traffic coming in. Basically, VPS can be modified to great extent, depending upon your requirements.

  • Customer Service

There can be many problems that you encounter initially while getting familiar with the management of VPS hosting.

Instead of feeling lost, you can always connect with a dedicated customer service representative who will be there to solve your queries always. They can also give good recommendations for your business, depending on your performance.

With Virtual Private Servers, there are plenty of more benefits that you can come across, as you continue availing the services.

As your business grows, you will need web hosting, and what can be better than flexible and affordable VPS hosting?

We have barely scratched the surface of this vast world of servers and web hosting, so give it a try yourself and see your business boom further.


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