Child Adoption

Why Adoption is a Better Alternative to Having Biological Child

A child is the jewel of the family and a pure source of happiness. Being a parent is a gift of life and having a parent is equally a blessing. People love their families and support them in times of adversity. Such a beautiful bond is a necessity for human life, but some people are not that lucky.

Many people across the world are unable to bear children and many children who are orphans. The void in the heart of a child without the love of a parent is painful.

Adoption is the act of undertaking a role as a guardian of a child who is not biologically yours, but you choose to raise them out of affection. Adoption is a beautiful act of love and humanity. Adoption is looked highly upon as a philanthropic act in society, yet carried out by very few individuals. Let us analyze the reasons adoption is required and why people shy away from it.

Bearing a child is often synonymous to continuing your bloodline. Parenthood is much more that. The relationship between a parent and their child cannot be defined by a piece of legal document. But people generally fail to see this.

Most parents want a child that looks like them and is of their blood. Blood relation makes parents value their children as if they are ‘their own’ legally. This is the primary reason people do not want to adopt. Orphans are often from underprivileged backgrounds and crime-prone areas. They are products of unwanted pregnancies, and that makes them feel ostracised throughout their lives. It takes a big heart to look past all this and love a child.

Parents who adopt these children acknowledge the fact that they have the responsibility to put on a smile on a face that has only seen tears. We need to understand that irrespective of the background a child is born in, his upbringing defines the kind of person he is. A child is always pure at heart and must be given all the love so that he grows up to spread positivity.

The population is another pressing issue we face as a society today. A huge advantage to increased adoption rates is that the growth curve is flattened and the children who do not have parents get a chance to have a family.

Research shows that when adopted child grows up, they are extremely likely to adopt children themselves. Thus when you adopt a child, you start a cycle of goodwill that brings happiness into the world. But these advantages are often not even understood as people are obsessed with the bloodline.

We need to understand that the world s increasingly becoming a crowded place, and we much reduce the rate of childbirth to keep resources from getting depleted. A parent only requires a child to love and take care of, giving that to an orphan is much more pragmatic.

The rate of suicide in orphans is extremely high. Imagine the sorrow when you grow up to understand that your parents did not want you and left you to rot in an orphanage. Growing up in harsh conditions with no love, facilities, and compassion takes a mental toll.

As a parent, if you can adopt a child, you bring hope back into their lives. You have the power to save a precious life and enable your child to save more. Adoption is a selfless act; loving someone like your own and giving them values and facilities so that they never feel a void or lack of love brings good karma. 

We also need to acknowledge the stigma regarding adopted children. They are often ridiculed and bullied for not having their biological parents and being abandoned. This leads to depression in adopted children. This form of bullying must be dealt with very strictly.

Society needs to understand that a child should not suffer for the sins of their parents. The child never had control over what happened to them. We should be considerate and sensitive while we address such people. We must make them feel welcome and feel loved. A small act of goodwill can bring hope to the heart of someone who has only known dejection.

An adoption is a philanthropic act that can pioneer a cycle of goodwill and change the lives of innocent children who fell prey to the evils of society. If we can adopt, we must always prefer doing it so that we set an example and eventually normalize it in our society.

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