Privacy Policy

At, we prioritize the privacy of our visitors. As we commit to protecting your privacy, we do so by lawfully collecting only the information that we need to provide you with our services. We do everything with your consent and in compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. 

Personal Information Collection

We collect only the personal information that is required and relevant for the purpose of our site and for providing you with a customised experience. We obtain and store any information that you enter on our site. We legally collect the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Image
  • Profile data

You can always opt to not provide us with some information, but that might affect your ability to leverage some of our special features.

Every information of your account is secured with a strong password. You must log off right after you are finished using a shared computer to prevent unauthorized access to your account. 

You can visit your User Profile to amend, correct, or add any personal information on the site, and thus update your profile. However, we store a copy of the unrevised version of your profile in our records. As mentioned before, you can choose not to disclose some information with us, but doing that will refrain you from using certain special services that we provide.

You can request for deletion of your account on by emailing the detailed information to us. Please note that after you delete your account, we will still continue to send all system emails and legal notices from our side.

We never share any personal information about you without your knowledge and consent. We never share or sell any information about our users to any other party or organization. We do not store the user information for longer than needed. The information we keep has to be accurate; thus, we update it whenever necessary and immediately correct whatever errors that you find in the information. You can check the information that we store about you by requesting your data through an email.


To be able to become a member at, you must register on the website. For this, you have to choose a username and a password and provide us with your email that we can use to communicate with you or for tracking your account. We do not sell, market, or share your details, including your email address, with anyone. Also, we strongly recommend you not to share your account credentials with anyone.

Upon registration, you are a member, and you can provide more publicly accessible information in different sections and areas of the site like the comments or bookmark submission as you describe yourself and your opinions or share your contact information. Please note that sharing such information is totally optional. can not regulate or control the way anyone else uses or misuses that information, so you share it at your own risk. 

User Profile

You can use the User Profile to display your bio, your favorite URLs, your messaging IDs, and even your photos. You can delete your profile from the profile settings.

Linking To Other Websites may link to other websites that we don’t operate. We don’t stand responsible for any type of content and privacy practices of any of these sites. We can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information included on linked outside websites or the advertisements displayed on our website.

Use Of Cookies

At, cookies are used to enhance your visiting experience, to store information about your preferences, to record information about the pages that you visit, customize info according to your browser. This is done to display relevant information and advertisements as you surf the website. You can choose to stop your browser from accepting cookies, but by doing so, you may not have the advantage of enjoying certain features on our website. The data included in these cookies is entirely anonymous and does not include any personal information about you.

Children Under The Age Of 18 Years

To be able to register your account on, you must be older than 13 years. We do not collect any Personal Identifiable information from children, and if we notice that the data collected is from a child younger than 13 years, we delete the information as soon as possible. Minors between the age of 13 and 18 years are recommended to receive their parent’s permission before using our website or sharing any information through it.

Notification Of Changes

This privacy policy is subject to changes from time to time. Any changes occurred will be announced and published on the site, with the revised version being effective from the date and time it has been posted. You must check back periodically to keep yourself updated with the new changes.

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