Terms of Use

Terms of Use

We welcome you and thank you for joining bookmarkingspot.com. The following User Agreement and Guidelines explain and summarize your responsibilities as the user of this website. Please read the entire document carefully, including each and every section of these Terms of Use. Your usage of this website after reading these Terms and Conditions constitutes your agreement with every term mentioned below.


To become a member at bookmarkingspot.com, you must register and create your profile. The information that you provide us should be accurate, precise, and absolute. You must revise your profile to update any new information so that your profile remains up-to-date.

Requirements For Registration

In accordance with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act 1998, we don’t allow children younger than 13 years to become a user at bookmarkingspot.com. If you are younger than that, bookmarkingspot.com reserves the right to restrict you from creating an account on our website.

User ID And Password

For registration on the website, you have to choose a username that will be identified with your profile and a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You must enter your own name, and every information that you enter must be factual and current. You will use this username to log onto different services of the website. We assume authorization of all activities that you perform using this username and password. You are responsible for keeping your ID and password confidential. We recommend logging off right after using a shared device to maintain confidentiality and to prevent misuse of your personal data.

Submission Of Post

After you finish registering yourself on the website, it allows you to post stories and articles containing without limitation, text, images, music, videos, graphics and other data in various sections and areas at the site.

User Guide

  1. You must not provide any stories, news, blogs, or posts that 
    1. Breach any third-party’s publicity/privacy rights. 
    2. Is knowingly offensive, insulting, bogus, imprecise, harassing, obscene, omnipresent, blasphemous, menacing and/or harassing.
    3. Is filled with any viruses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, trojan horses, and/or other computer programs designed purposely to sneak, damage, or confiscate any system or data.
    4. Encourages piracy.
  2. You must not “impersonate,” that is, replicate any other user’s username to misuse his/her character.
  3. You must not “spam” with unwanted emails or postings.
  4. You must not “flame ” or lash out at any of the users. 
  5. You must not “troll” or post offensive threads and replies.
  6. You must not obstruct the normal flow of the Blinks.
  7. You must not use the website for endorsement of any profitable events without our approval. This includes posts or active links to any other website.
  8. You must not integrate any word in your username or post ID that is obscene, disrespectful, or slanderous, or which breaches the trademark, service mark, or property rights of any other third party.

User Privacy Security

During registration, we gather information to create and operate your Profile. This process acquires non-personally identifiable information or demographic information like your birth date, gender, country, city, zip code, and occupation. We use your profile information for demographic statistics, and securing your personal information is our top priority. To know more, read our privacy policy.

We do not share your personal information with a third-party unless the action is essential for legal requirements, for enforcement of the User Agreement, or for the welfare of the users. Bookmarkingspot.com will not send junk emails or any other unwelcome information unless you choose to receive it. 

Warranties And Liabilities

We repudiate any accountability/responsibility for:

  1. Authenticity, authority, reliability, and accessibility of any information on the website.
  2. Deletion or inaccuracy of any stories, news, or blogs
  3. Any harm caused by downloading any material from our website.

Bookmarkingspot.com does not stand responsible and liable for any loss or damage caused to any party, including but not limited to any reparation arising out of association with our website.

Access Limitations

You must not use any digital or computerized means to fetch any information from the website without our prior consent in writing. Also, you must not place pop-up windows anywhere on the website without our knowledge and consent.

New Changes

The Terms and Conditions are subject to timely changes. Any additions, deletions, changes or amendments to these Terms of Use will be published on the website and will be effective from the date and time of publication. The user must keep a check on the Terms of Use to be updated with any changes.

Termination Of Site Usage

Bookmarkingspot.com reserves the right to end your site usage anytime for your illegal activities with or without any prior notice. We can also delete some or all of the posts present on your profile without your consent or authority.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these Terms of Use, you can write to us about it through an email.

Email at bookmarkingspot12@gmail.com

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